B2 (1997-2011)

B2 (1997-2011)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tiger Dynasty - Sariska Tigers in BBC Documentary

A young tigress is chosen to found a new dynasty. Airlifted from her home in an Indian park to life in a new reserve, Baghani the tigress must fight with leopards for territory and learn to hunt dangerous wild boar. Also released is Rajore, a hot blooded young male. For two years every aspect of their lives are followed by the camera. Will they mate and start a family, or will they be killed by poachers?

Watch Herehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01bqwwl/Natural_World_20112012_Tiger_Dynasty/#

Life of five endangered tigers in the rugged hills of Rajasthan’s Sariska reserve captured by an Indian cinematographer is being shown in Britain as part of a special BBC series on endangered wildlife.

The introductory episodes titled Tiger Dynasty was launched on Wednesday.

The documentary, filmed by acclaimed wildlife cinematographer S Nallamuthu, tells the story of five translocated tigers from Ranthambore National Park, also in Rajasthan, to Sariska Tiger Reserve, an expanse of 800 sq km in the picturesque Aravalli range.

The extermination of Sar­iska’s tigers by poachers had come to light in 2004.

Nallamuthu says of the five translocated tigers he is fond of Baghani, a tigress portrayed in the documentary. “I have been filming her with my good friend and field assistant, Hemraj Meena, since she was a cub,” he says.

When the Rajasthan government and the Wild Life Institute of India decided to translocate her, I wanted to follow her journey. In a sense we both began our journey in a similar fashion — blindfolded,” Nallamuthu said.

Days went by before I even caught a glimpse of this magnificent tigress,” he said of the tigress after her translocation to Sariska.

In 2010, Nallamuthu had made the Tiger Queen, a moving tale of rivalry and betrayal in a tiger family in Ranthambore. It was India’s first full length wildlife film shot in a high definition (HD) format. The film shows Machli, the tigress, who ruled the fort for over a decade, was overthrown in a battle by one of her daughters.

Baghani, portrayed in Tiger Dynasty, is one of her daughters.

Today, the population of prey animals in Sariska went up in the absence of major predators. Leopards, another key predator in the food chain, began to make a comeback into areas where the tigers had once ruled. They are their main competitors in Sariska today.


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