B2 (1997-2011)

B2 (1997-2011)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Tale of two brothers of Bandhavgarh. Now imprisoned in Bhopal Zoo (Email sent to Authorities)

A Tale of Two Brothers of Bandhavgarh
Photography by Michael Vickers
Taken 14th March 2011

The Mirchani Tigresses two young sub-adult male cubs rest peacefully on a sandy track in their home territory Bandhavgarh National Park.

On the 8th July, the brothers were captured and are now imprisoned in a cramp cage at Bhopal Zoo, probrably to never see their wild territories again.

The Brothers are now branded “Man-eaters”, all though not proven the brothers are “believed” to be responsible for the killing of a Forest Worker believed to be working “alone” in the tigers home range.

While it goes without saying that our deepest sympathies go to the deceased gentlemans family, it can not be right to capture any “wild” animal that has lived a life of total freedom then to be imprisoned in a cage at a zoo.

There is without doubt, another answer to these ongoing problems. There must definatley be an alternative to capturing alleged, not proven man-eaters, there are other reserves where these youngsters could of been moved to...Too often it comes to the worlds attention of human-animal conflict. The Tiger is India’s National Pride, yet it’s numbers continue to dwindle..instead of natural corridors being protected they are destroyed, villages are moved ever closer to the tigers home ranges...would we move into the sea if able & hunt the Shark that attacks in it’s own territory...are we to see India’s Majestic Tiger follow the sad demise of the Asian Cheetah?.

There are questions to answer from the Forest Department in this case, the tigers may well have strayed outside the parks boundaries of Bandhavgarh...but a forest worker working alone so close?, how do we prove that indeed these sub-adults are in actual fact the real killers..where is the evidence supporting this?. Not so long ago a Leopard was barbaricly burnt alive whilst sedated & caged while forest officials looked on, also believed to be a man-eater. Tests later revealed this poor Leopard to be an innocent victim of retribution with barbarity of the likes that have been rarely seen.

We would urge the Indian Authorities to make a stand & defend India’s Magestic Big Cats like they surely deserve...after all, there are so few left in the wild in the world...Mankind is wholey responsible for their decline & it is our responsibility to ensure Tiger, Leopard, Lion & wildlife all over the world remain in our forests & “Their” natural habitat...

Mankind has no right to play God.

Yours Sincerely

Spots & Stripes Conservation:
Raising funds & Awareness & Support for our Conservationalists
Without whose vital work our Majestic Wildlife would be condemned.


Until few days ago Mirchani subadult tiger cubs used to hunt deers and eat their natural prey like normal tigers do, now branded as man-eaters and imprisoned in zoo for life.

Recent pictures of Mirchani cubs who used to roam freely in the wild until few days ago.

Playful cubs

The male cub started hunting on his own

Branded as Man-eaters and Imprisoned for life since last week.

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