B2 (1997-2011)

B2 (1997-2011)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

5 convicted, punished for killing tigress in Sariska

Alwar, Jun 17 : A local court today convicted five poachers for killing a tigress in Akbarpur range of Sariska tiger sanctuary seven years ago and slapped them with seven-year imprisonment.

Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (no 1) Himankani Gaur convicted Zuharu, Ramzan, Taiyyab and Nooru of Khareda village near Malakheda town and Jiwandas of Panipat(Haryana) for killing the tigress in Akbarpur range in 2004.

The Magistrate awarded each of them seven years imprisonment for the crime, As per the prosecution, the accused had killed the big cat by trapping it into a noose.

It is believed that it is Jiwandas who had taught poachers the style of poaching by trapping the animal in a noose.

Tiger population was wipe-out by poachers about seven years ago.

The Accused in more than 15 cases of tiger killings had been convicted and punished by courts during past six to seven years in the district.



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