B2 (1997-2011)

B2 (1997-2011)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Migration hits counting of big cats

DALTONGANJ: The tigers of the Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) are not as lucky as the tigers of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve in Bihar s West Champaran! The tiger reserve of India is in close proximity to the Royal Chitwan Tiger Reserve in Nepal. In summer the tigers of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve slip into the Royal Chitwan Tiger Reserve in Nepal which is their summer resort and they go in and come out as they please.

According to D S Srivastava, member of the Effective Evaluation Management East and North East of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Delhi, tigers of Valmiki Reserve move towards the Royal Chitwan Tiger Reserve in Nepal to beat the heat.

However, he lamented that such a luxury is not available to the tigers of the Palamu Reserve, where they remain within the precincts of the PTR. India is perhaps the only country where this highly endangered species travels across the border. When asked whether the migration affects counting of the big cat he replied in the affirmative.

The PTR is spread over 1,026 square kilometers. This wildlife activist was aghast to see flock of sheep passing through the core zone of the PTR as he said sheep carries high risk infection and where ever the flock of sheep drinks water at the water hole that water is bound to be contaminated and not fit for the tigers and other wildlife. He said he came across the flock of sheep numbering 50 to 60 10 km away from Betla on Wednesday.


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