B2 (1997-2011)

B2 (1997-2011)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kalua - Subadult male from Bandhavgarh

Last pictures of Kalua(Kallu)

He was shaping up nicely. While everyone thought he would be successor to his legendary aging father B2, the photographer's darling tiger "Kalua" suddenly disappeared since November last year. Where is he ? No body knows. Sub-adult male tigers usually disperse from their natal range to far away distances to find territories. He was seen in small fights with his legendary father B2. Has B2 decided enough is enough and chased away Kalua ? Probably. B2 is much larger than Kalua. But, time is on Kalua's side. He could make a come back in another 1 or 2 years once he is strong enough to take on Large males. Only time will tell. Hope he is safe wherever he lives.

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